Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2.1 million!

Last weekend all the rich and famous gathered at
the Quality of Life Gala to raise money for child cancer research. The theme of the evening was our film 'Paul and the Dragon'. For the auction 50 famous Dutch people painted a statue of our Paul character, a nice bronze statue of Paul was auctioned, some jewelry of the characters and lots of other stuff. Paul himself and his family were also there and in the end 2.1 million was raised to support child cancer research, which is amazing.
Check out some pictures below:

Newspaper article:


Vincent said...

Wow! Indrukwekkend mannen! Lekker bezig.

Make it grand.


joost said...

kewl hee

heel gaaf hee 2.1 miljoene
das een hele boel

Erik said...

Pretty pretty pretty cool.