Thursday, February 5, 2009

And now for something completely different

When I grow up I want to make a movie about pirates and monkeys. That'd be great.


Junaid said...

Wow cool man, love the colors

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I love monkeys and pirates! I'll help you with the screenplay.

Vincent said...

Hallo Mannen! ik zag net een Item over Paultje en de Draak voorbij komen bij Hart van Nederland! Gefeliciteerd! Helemaal Top!

Make it grand!


matthieu said...

Waouw!! Great piece! I really like your work esp this picture!

Anonymous said...

Nice work as always! Thank you very much for your fantastic and great work in the Monkey Island Comic!

How big is the chance that the comic will be continued? We want to see page 53 and all of the rest!
Please, please?
Please, please, please?... ;-)

Nice greetings from Austria!